Thursday, 1 July 2010

People who shouldn't raid

*incoming rant*

People who forget flasks shouldn't raid.

People who put on tentative shouldn't raid.

People who can't turn up on time shouldn't raid.

People who fuck around and waste the teams time shouldn't raid.

People who turn up and ask for money for repair at the beginning of the raid shouldn't raid.

People who can't get on mumble (or won't) shouldn't raid.

People who don't put in the effort to learn bosses shouldn't raid.

People who want to raid 'casually' don't get that it takes a certain amount of effort and dedication and there fore, shouldn't raid.

People who can't gem, enchant and gear correctly (ie not wearing spell plate when you are a FUCKING DK YOU NOOB) shouldn't raid.

People are shit.

/end generalised rant.


  1. People who only look at gear scores.

  2. people who deep breath on ts/vent

    its just fucking creepy

  3. Anonymous you need to fess up who you are *cough* bear *cough*

    Verde - PTT my love XD

  4. People who constantly needs a drink, a smoke, bio break etc and therefore spends more time being afk than actually raiding.

    Oh yeah....and magegnomes


  5. Gahh. Half of those things I do :(

    :( :(


  6. Deme whats with all this hate and anger and rage, I love it, actually turns me on a bit seeing so much seething hatred. WoW

  7. @Xnec - well stop doing them :p Nevermind, you're a gnomemage so you're screwed anyway.

    @Steven - You know where to find me lover ;O


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