Sunday, 4 July 2010

Things to DIAF come Cata

I'm on me hols but I've been wanting to post on this since I saw the topic over on Blog Azeroth's boards.

So here's my pick of shut I'd like to see roitously fucked up come Cata.

In at number 1, STV. The whole pigging place. Hated levelling there. Hate it at level cap for Loremaster. Hate it hate it hate it. And I'm not even on a PvP server.

Number 2, Nesingwary. See above.

Number 3, Nesingwary. Yep. I hate him that much.

Those are my most hated things in Azeroth, but there's a few others I'd like to see wiped off the pixelated face of it too.

Grobbulus for one. Even now, being OP for this dude, I still cringe when people want to do a 'nostalgic run' through Naxxramus. So while we're talking about raid bosses to ditch, please take XT too. If I hear that whiney bitch once more my ears will bleed.

I'm sure there's more but I'm writing this on my iPhone and frankly it's hardwork. And I don't have my notes with me. #DumbDeme.


  1. Grobbulus 25 man was just solo'd by a rogue it was on mmo.

  2. I loved STV & Nesingwary, but i hated Duskwood & Redridge and you loved them, HMMKAY!

  3. I have never liked rogues and this just makes me hate them even more. I bet s/he just stealthed passed him.

    @Verde - You are a rogue, of course you love everything I hate.


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