Friday, 25 June 2010

Friday Five - 5 Top WoW Blogs

Now I've got the Emo shit out the way, here's a WoW post.

My Friday Five is 5 WoW blogs I love.

Let's hear it for the F5!

In at number 5, a relative newbie to the Warcraft Blogosphere. In fact, he's so new, he posted for the first time today. Grokknar is my buddy and Raid Leader for the team I'm in. I have high hopes for his blogging future. Show him some love and add him to your feed.

Number 4 is one of the stalwarts of Warcraft bloggers, HotsandDots. A great look at raiding and life in Azeroth, some alt adventures and general Warcraft stuff all wrapped up with a Resto Drood and Shadow Priest.

At joint 2nd place (I can't decide on which one I love more) are Zal's Blessing of Fish, and Amber and Cel at Ilikebubbles. Things you didn't know from Zal and Friday Flowcharts from ilikebubbles are two of the bestest things on the internetz. Eva.

In first place, for the blog I return to time and again, that always provides useful, clear, concise and helpful information is Cynwise's Battlefield Manual. I've mentioned it umpteen times here I'm sure and I'm always talking about Cyn's blog on twitter. I love it. I don't play a warlock. I don't PvP and yet Cyn's stuff is so well written and so helpful it makes no odds. I also owe Cyn a huge debt of gratitude for de-mystifying key binding, BGs and tube maps for me.

Did you know if you google "demethedk" it asks if you meant "demented". Trufax!

Suffer Well!

Deme :)

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