Friday, 30 July 2010

Sucking it up on Professor Putricide

Yeah I know, get with the times, but you know what, not everyone is on ICC HMs and not everyone has even got past Sindragosa in normal with the 30% pity buff. Yet. 11 freaking % is like our raids new stonewall. Anyway, Professor Puddles!

@Asros on twitter mentioned that he was going to be doing this fight on Sunday as the Abomination Driver (aka Sucker/Off Tank) and he thought he'd better read up on it and watch the vids so I offered to email what I did on this fight. Then I thought I may as well get a blog out of it.

When you enter Puddles chamber he's standing at his table mixing cocktails. You won't pull him until you get close enough to the table. Which is where you need to be to drink the potion. Although you're off tanking in this fight, it's helpful to know what the rest of the team will be doing and where they're gunna be, because your PoV changes when you're in the abom. Hence the pretty picture.

Click for embigen

You want to move into the table at the same time as the Main Tank, if Puddles whacks you he will hit hard and at this point you've probably not got a healer watching you. You can run towards the pack once you've drunk the potion, but I prefer to wait at the table till I see the abom, because you never know some over-zealous healer type might cleanse the 'poison' off you.

Once your in your new suit, you've got three buttons.
Number 1 = Suck it up!
Number 2 = Stop that ooze
Number 3 = Hit the ooze.

That's it. That's all you are going to be doing for the next few minutes so get used to it.

Pretty much as soon as you are in the suit, DBM will go off telling you there is a slime puddle imminent. Puddles chucks a couple of vials up in the air and where they land the puddles of suck appear. Don't worry about spotting the vials, the puddles are obvious enough for you to spot them and you should have time to suck 'em up.

You will need to run over to your raid group and start spamming number 1 on top of some slime puddles. Not next to them, on top of them, IN them even. And by spam, I mean your finger should hurt at the end of this fight. If it doesn't you're not hitting it enough. Ignore the cooldown, ignore the burning session in your tendons. HIT THAT BUTTON! Not only does sucking up the ooze leave your comrades with safe space to pew pew in, it also gives you the goop you need for button number 2.

If you're raid team does it the way we did it, you'll be sucking up goop under the brown spout. As you do so, you'll be able to watch the green spout start to pour. DBM will announce the 'Unstable Experiment' and out it'll come. Watch it form. Even if you are still sucking up, which let's be honest you don't need to look at goop getting smaller. You need to watch that green ooze forming because the second it's formed, you target it and hit number 2.

Number 2 puts a slowing effect on the ooze and will save your pew pew/healer buddies arses when they get targeted by the ooze. Now, at this point, if you have goop to suck up, keep doing that. If you don't, feel free to wander over and whack Number 3 on the green ooze that just spawned and to keep doing so until the slimey goop appear again.

Then it's a rinse and repeat on the brown ooze. As Off Tank, you're in a pretty good position to keep an eye on when those oozes spawn, everyone else is watching the boss and trying not to get hit with malleable goo and staying outta the goop. I'd recommend you call the oozes spawning and when they are up so that the rest of team know what's coming and can act accordingly..

At some point Puddles is going to run over to his table and you'll be stunned for a moment. Then you go back to sucking up goopy slimey goop and slowing oozes. Until you get to about 36%. Then you'll trip over into phase 3. At this point, you DO NOT want slimey goop on the floor, nor do you want ANY green or brown oozes up. If you're about to tip over to that point and have any of that around, stop whacking Puddles, hit the oozes and suck it up like you've never sucked before.

The final phase of Proff P is a bit of a head fuck to be honest. When you tip him over into it, chances are Puddles and the Main Tank will be on one side of the room whilst you are on the other, possibly stood in a pile of slimey goop. You've got to peg it like you're arse is on fire to the Main Tank because he's going to be taking damage like a very hungry damage eater. Now between the two of you, share the stacks of damage, kite him round the room so your raid can batter him with out standing in goop and you're done. Yes! It's that easy. Except it isn't. It's like Grobbulus on steroids. And if you remember how long I was tortured with Grobbulus you'll understand that this isn't fun. Having said that, once you nail it, you should be able to nail it every time. There's a definite rhythm to get into and once you nail that, well then you'll nail Puddles to the wall. (hahaha).

And this is one time, when it's expected, nay, accepted, to be told the following.


  1. Hehehe good to see you back Deme, its been so long without a blog. Anyhoo another thing to remember as well is if you have a Shammy in your group tell em NOT to drop cleansing totem. I was doing the sucking for your guys in 25 and kept losing the Abom suit and couldnt figure out why till Grokk checked the combat logs and saw *gasp* FECKING cleansing totem.

  2. Easy way to do the ooze is bind action 1 to mouse wheel down. Then just stand over the ooze puddle and drag the mouse wheel down. Easy mode.


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