Monday, 12 July 2010

Lunch Time Quickie

I go on holiday for a week and the innernetz asplodes with RealID, Beta information, Blood tanking pointers and general Warcraft junk.

Despite Blizzards climb down at the end of last week, I am still unsure about this whole RealID thing and I will be covering this and a few other related topics when I've got time to investigate it further.

In connection to the new Blood tanking tree, I'm hoping I'll be able to get in on the Beta. There's some discussions around blood boil too and how AoE tanking will work. Since I rely heavily on DnD and HB at the moment to grab aggro I'm concerned how this will affect my play style. That's really why I want in on the Beta, so I can get a foot up on it all. As a nooby tank I've not got much experience to fall back on when they mess stuff around. I really want to be ready to raid as soon as I can come Cata and this is a part of that. Expect a post on that in the future too.

Someone I know has been pimping out his PC. Go visit Verde and see his crazy-arse PC.

Other than that, it looks like Azeroth is still standing and we're all ready to go kill Internet Dragons.


  1. Blood tanking atm sucks ass for AoE but with the introduction of the new talent Outbreak (Outbreak will cost nothing, has an unknown range, and will have a 1 minute cool down. It will put both DK diseases (Frost Fever and Blood Plague) on one target) the rotation looks like it could be DnD>Outbreak>Pestilence(Glyphed)>BB spam. Once you get your diseases on a target BB does a surprising amount of damage.

  2. Trying the blood tanking in the Beta at the moment.. haven't honestly got to do much with it due to EU server stability issues but I hope to offer an opinion soon.

  3. BTW I totally agree with you on the AoE tanking too, so this is why I'm in the beta to get to practice a bit.. I'm gonna miss frost tanking.

  4. It will be a sad day when Frost tanking goes bye bye, I love Frost so much I even made a DW DPS build and it rocked my world. As for Blood tanking in Cata gonna have to wait and see how it pans out, you never know Blizz may surprise us all.

    Suffer Well

  5. Aww look at my two DK friends :)

    I suspect we'll be having a lot more of these conversations as things go on.

    I just glanced at the 31 point talent trees. Do. Not. Like. Let's hope they don't make it all the way through to the release!


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