Friday, 26 November 2010


As I write this, my very good friend Tony, aka Longstrider, is in hospital. He was admitted with a suspected brain haemorrhage, which this morning has been confirmed.

Longy was my stalwart friend in my first forays into The Monkey Tree. We chatted almost non-stop. It was because of his cheeky alt, Shortstrider, that I decided to join TmT having met him on a Thunder Bluff raid.

Through our chats I learnt how far into that well I’d sunk and how much confidence I’d lost in myself. Longy was one of the people who started me on the road back to finding it.

Longy once surprised me (and left me red-faced) by ringing me at work. He is also prone to sending me text messages when drunk.

Longy loves his wife and his four children whole-heartedly. He is a dedicated family man who works hard and plays harder. Many of us in the guild have encountered his drunken exploits late on a Friday or Saturday night. Guild chat is far cleaner and duller without his filthy chatter.

Here’s hoping you are soon well again my friend.

**edit @14:30 I got a message saying that Tony was being sent home from hospital as there wasn't enough blood to warrant an operation and a CT scan showed no more bleeds. I am tremendously relieved and hope that he will be rested and well again soon.