Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Cross Faction Relations

I have a horde friend. There I said it. Damn me and curse me for being a traitor to the Alliance. Actually I have two. In fact, if I properly thought about it would probably be more. But I have one particular horde friend who I chat with regularly via Skype and trash talk during world PvP.

Yep World PvP. It still happens on my server. And it's bloody good fun because there seem to be a few regulars that turn up and kill each other on a consistent basis. I can sit on Skype and listen to him cursing me and my friends and swearing when things go wrong. When you hear your friend getting very cranky because you just killed him, it's extremely funny. I can also log onto my hordie and trash talk him whilst he logs onto his ally and returns the favour. I have Ally friends who just LOVE to rip him a new one and frequently do, /2 channel tends to get a little blue to say the least. But I've never known someone brush it off and secretly enjoy it quite so much.

All in all it makes for a good evening when you need a break from raiding and frankly, when your horde mate is an infamous and argumentative as mine is, well you want to whack him as often as possible. Here's to horde bashing. /cheer


  1. secretly enjoy it, tho i wont admit it ;p

    3 cheers to ally friends, got to have someone to aim for first.


  2. i had a bit of fun with shammie last night

    we met him and retrielf and thier lock friend on ally alts in the stockdes, and went to meet their hordie mains at one of the boats in sw harbor, they kicked our ass bigtime

  3. I hate you fireshammy with every fibre of my being :D I was on my DK on the walls of SW the other night haveing a wee scrap with you and getting owned, was fun.



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