Thursday, 3 June 2010

Authenticate and Ignore the Latest Hoax.

Just a warning guys, I got the following email to my account today. I'm not stupid enough to use this account to log in to WoW with so they've fished the address from here I expect. THIS IS A HOAX. There is NO need to click on any of these links or do anything. If you read the obvious typos in the email it's clear it's a piece of crap. I expect with the rush on Blizzcon tickets they're pushing their services .... Love the little "if you already have an authenticator ignore this email" pointer at the end .... Stay Safe!


Recently, the problem of account invasion is getting worse and worse which cause enormous players’equipments and virtual currency stolen. This severely damages the benefits of mass players, also causes our company lose a lot of customers.

Our company has to adopt some measures to safeguard our common benefits in order to strengthen the safety of mass players'accounts, and firmly resist the account to be stolen again.Through our company's research and investigation to xxx customers,we will make the following decisions: we launch a package of updated code strengthen system and dynamic code protection card which can effectively prevent the accounts invaded. We will send this package of code protection system to players free of charge.

Please open this connection:

If your account passes the check successfully, we will send this package of dynamic code protection card to you in the form of e-mail.

In 3 days after you receiving the e-mail, if you don't submit your information, we have right to freeze your account, every player is obligated to protect the safety of the account. You must work together with us to be determined to crack down all the behaviors of destroying games.

If you had already authenticator your account, please disregard this automatic notification.


The World of Warcraft Support Team
Blizzard Entertainment

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