Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Leveling and hitting the raid tier in Cataclysm, some thoughts.

Having read Zal's blog post about levelling to the new cap and raiding in Cataclysm, I got to thinking.

How is my current guild going to handle this? As a guild it was formed quite late into Wrath from 2 teams who were disgruntled in their current raiding guild. I joined later having failed to get where I wanted to be in raiding with my old guild. I play on a server which appeared when Wrath did. For many this will be the first time we're levelling a "main" to a new cap to then start in on the first tier of raiding at the right time. Currently the guild focusses on 10 man and plays around in 25 man. I'd like to say we're more progressed with 25 man but frankly we've not pulled it together. I've grown to enjoy 25 man a lot and I'd love to continue with it in the Cataclysm. I expect the guild will raid 10 man till the first tier is clear and then start on 25 man on that tier once we can focus 10 man on the next content. So that's all the guild stuff, but then what about me and Deme, my main?

Bearing in mind that Deme is going to get shafted into blood spec whether I like it or not, it's raised a lot of questions for me. Do I level Deme like mad to catch that first wave of raiding that I missed by a country mile in Wrath or do I grab another char and make that my raiding main?

Let's say I stick with Deme, is our team destined to stay together, level and play together through the new content or will we disband and have to rebuild again once we're ready to raid? Frankly that would suck in my mind. I've played in two raid teams. The first one was not stable. At all. It was a ball ache to try and get people in the right place at the right time and to raid level specs. The second one, where I am now, is probably one of the best groups of people I've ever mucked about with. We have a great atmosphere and we get shit done, but we're still struggling to nail down a regular 3rd healer.

If I stick with Deme, then I'll likely be able to catch that first wave one way or another and thus coast on through the rest of the Ex pac with my gear up to date. Especially if I stick to tanking. I've NEVER levelled as a tank though so that would be interesting.

If I dump Deme, hmmm well what are my options? A level 65 warrior, a level 41 priest and a couple of lowbie alts. Anyone who knows me, knows I level slowly so I don't think that's going to help the team.

And then there's the worgen.


  1. Interesting stuff !

    The thought of not levelling my main hadn't crossed my mind tbh. He is underpowered relative to pallys and DKs as a DPS machine at the mo and hopefully this will change in Cata.

    Regardless Im not so insecure as to be unhappy when someone compares there dps to mine and discoveries theirs is bigger !

    I like my main because he has loads of personality, not for his stats.

    Why am I excited about Cata? I think 2 words sum it up: "new content" and I think little Glucklers will be gorging him self on it and raiding again ASAP !

    Finding good people in WoW is hard and a value the friends I have made. To be able to raid with them as well........ well thats just too good to be true !

  2. Yayy good to have you back blogging Deme.


  3. Good work as usual Deme!

    Stick with the main you love...... I couldn't even concider dropping V as my main, I love him too much.

    I guess He is me to a certain degree.... Ive even started dressing like him in real life xD

  4. @Gluck - I suspect that like Verde you're attached to your main because there's a certain amount of you in that personality :)

    @Steven - Keep cowering you insignificant whelp.

    @Verde - Are you telling me you have a fetish for leather now??

    Thanks for the comments guys :) Hopefully I'll have a little more time now to blog properly again.


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