Tuesday, 15 June 2010

The Grind for Loremaster

There are some POSSIBLE SPOILERS for lore here. You have been warned.

Recent posts have strayed a little ways off the Death Knight path. This one attempts to find our way back, albeit with a-round-about route.

In my off-time in game, i.e. when I'm not raiding or running a quick HC for frosties, I've been working on the Loremaster achievement. Until I started it I had no idea quite what I'd let myself in for. Deme is a DK. That means 55 levels of questing have been effectively by passed on that character. By my reckoning, that amounts to about 300+ quests on your "home" continent and probably 200+ on the other. Now with a DK, you're lucky to have 150 on each. So rather than having to make up 400 or 500 on each continent, you might as will be starting at nothing. And boy does that feel like a lot.

As someone who loves Warcraft Lore, I've enjoyed taking Deme through a lot of the older content, especially now I understand more about what is actually happening. The first time I levelled in Westfall and the Deadmines I couldn't have told you a thing about why I was there other than the fact that some dude called Marshal Dughan sent me there. This time round I've paid attention to the quest text. I know why Van Cleef is pissed. I've taken the time to go through Stranglethorn Vale. I hate STV. I hate Nemingway. But I've done it. I've revisited Duskwood, where I would quite happily camp Deme permanently if I could. It's dark, forboding, has worgen, big spiders, undead, ogres, a gothic town and some interesting (ie SPOILER ALERT DON'T CLICK IF YOU WANT TO AVOID THEM!) lore points. I can tick off Stormwind's quests and Elwynn Forests. I've done 1/2 of the ones in Gnomeregan. Which is far more fun than I remember it was. I reserve judgement on whether that is a level thing until I do again on an alt.

As for how I'm doing it, well I'm using everything I can lay my hands on! I read the Add on Spotlight post at then downloaded the add-ons it recommended. I've always got my "low-level quests" flag on the map and it's taken me weeks, nay months to get to where I am now. Which is 450/700 on Eastern Kingdoms and a paltry, piffling, 146/700 on Kalimdor. I'm not too worried about Outlands or Northrend simply because they aren't about to get (CATA SPOILER) nuked to buggery. If the Loremaster requires this much dedication, I have no qualms in saying that those who try The Insane, deserve their title.

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  1. Good luck with your loremaster Deme - I have a list of hard-to-find quests in Eastern/Kalimdor if you find you're struggling a bit when you get close!

  2. I wish you luck with it! I'm not sure I'll have the time to finish now, and only 20 quests short of Kalimdor LM too >.<

  3. I'm running around trying to finish up my second Loremaster (First one was Horde, this one is Alliance) and my advice is to set specific goals. There are too many Fly Everywhere and Talk to People then Fly Everywhere Else and Then Go Back stuff out there to take it as it comes. I tend to go in zones. City Quests -> Zone Quests -> Dungeon Quests (Since you need to do chains for some dungeon quests)

    And yes, reading the quest text makes it much more enjoyable. Slower, but much more interesting. :D


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