Tuesday, 9 March 2010

There's No Place Like Home

My previous two posts have been on the unravelling drama surrounding my home guild's proposed merger with a guild who could be considered its sister guild. I stated that I'd been watching from the side lines if you like, as it all came tumbling down and caught a few people in the rubble.

It's been a little over 2 weeks since I left my home guild and a little over a week since the biggest chunk of drama. Things appear (at least from what I can see) to be settling down with the two guilds continuing on as they were prior to any proposal and for the most part, no hard feelings. There, of course, will always be those who chuck a spanner in your spokes, but hey, that's what helmets and pads are for right?

Now comes the question I've been dreading. I've had this time away from my home guild, during which I've stated clearly that I'm taking a break and plan to return. However, I now have to ask myself if I want to and the honest answer is, I don't know. Whilst I've been guildless, other friends have invited me to their guilds. I've told them I'm not looking to join a guild at the moment but thanked them for the invite and told them I'll consider it when I am ready to see the green text again.

As some of you know I spam twitter a lot, and you may have seen, I've placed two low-level alts with guilds, one on ally, one on horde. This has been a stress-free, peaceful and enjoyable way to part-take in a guild again. And boy is it great to have that green text, even if it's not pouring achievements at me or spamming butt jokes or virtual food fights, it's nice to know it's there.

BUT, these chars are alts. That little DK at the top of the screen is my main, for a reason. I can not say enough how much playing a death knight rocks my socks. It's just too much fun, like a really good night out when you get a little bit messy, dance a bit too hard and finish the night on smokey whisky, yes it is that good. It's time to find Deme a new home.

I've not ruled out a return to my 'home' guild, but I have other options and I'm investigating them. I'm not in a rush, I don't want to make a hasty decision and chuck all my eggs in the wrong basket. It may be the guild I want doesn't exist, in which case I may have to compromise and decide what I want most from the game and go with the guild that offers that. Of course I could set up on my own, but the name of that guild would have to be D I V O R C E.

Deme clicks her heels together and says "There's no place like home".


  1. There's no lesbians here. I was tricked! But sometime I wonder can you truly go home again. You changed, the guild changed. These are things I ponder when I think of heading back to my home guild/server

  2. Just a little question hon. Dont u take it a little too serious? I know u are excelent in seeing thing in their deepest depth but, cmon!
    U can not take care of all the guildies as well as u can not analyze all the shit that happens around to the tiny details... That all makes u too serious about the GAME :)
    Just relax and play as much as u want and what u want and dont chat if u dont want (I know u just must).. this is the way I do. Most of the time im lazy to type even "good morning " in gc. And it works well. Any guild u join or establish will have problems, the size of the problems is not important at all. U have just 2 options: join or stay guildless (that easy it is IMO)...

    ...and I miss your spams in guild chat :(


  3. You're right Missha, I did/do take it too seriously. The last two weeks have been great not having to worry and I'm concerned that if I do return I'll just end up doing exactly what I did before, getting too involved and wanting to make everyone happy. You know the quote, "Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!", well that's what I'm afraid of :P

    Also, River is right, I've moved on to a certain extent and I'm sure the guild has too.

    Well, we'll see what happens in the next week or so.

    And Missha - I'll send you some details so you can see my spam in a channel ok?! ;)

  4. First, enjoying the reads! (Found ya in BA forums).
    Second, I can relate to the whole guild drama, guildless Ronin and peer pressure experience. I parted from a guild that had splintered while i was afk for a few weeks for business. I needed to leave b/c of times (all the vents at 6 pm vs me loggin in at 10pm didn't align). No hard feelings, but needed to move... as soon as disband, get all kinds of pressure from friends to join their guild... All I wanted was to explore, random and meet some new people... After a time it all worked and i found a home, but for a while it was too much like high school to be fun.


  5. Hi Artie,

    Thanks for stopping by and I'm glad you've enjoyed reading my little spot of cyber space :)

    There's one final part to this story which I'll post up later this week or early next week and then I'll be back to the DK hints and tips. It's time to move on!


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