Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Guilds - Who'd have one - Part 2

In my post yesterday I talked about the guild merger I was witnessing and had been assisting with, if assisting is the right word. After a failed attempt last night to move things forward between the two guilds the merger has been called off. This would have been fine and all could have moved on and everyone gone about their business happily, as we thought we would last night, but for all out war breaking out on the forum.

There is a heavy sadness in my heart and an anger and venom on my tongue. I'd intended to write a rant in this blog but to be honest it would only make matters worse and then I'd be no better than anyone else. So I'll save my fire and brimstone for private quarters where I can let it all boil over with no fear of anyone taking offence because they know me well enough to know that once I've spewed it all out, I'm over it and I calm down.

The sadness I feel won't leave me so easily. My long time guild isn't representing itself in it's best light I'm afraid. The lovely people I know are there feel too afraid to speak up, or are far wiser and just don't see the point of getting involved. The second guild, where a lot of old friends are, have been left in a difficult position and feel let down and are thus trying to defend themselves and protect their members and guild from further damage.

My heart breaks to see it happening. I won't step in any more. I played the diplomat for a long time and I tried to get things to change but in the end, it was costing me too much. If you give everything out, there is is nothing left to draw on for yourself.

To that end, my DK (and all my random alts) will remain guildless. Raiding, which I have loved, will take a back seat once I have met my obligations this week. Arthas will have to wait. I'll still be there, just not in exactly the same spot I was in before.

I hear the battle ground calling. I hear me screaming "God I hate those fucking-horde-twatting-aholes!" as I get pwned time after time and then GY camped. I hear a lot less chatter and maybe a few less laughs, but a lot more peace. In a battle ground I hope to find peace. Irony anyone?

Deme the Demolisher

*To the hordies reading, I <3 you really, without you I'll never learn PvP will I?!


  1. It will all be okay in the end. Whatever that end will look like.

    Hey, we can still play together!

  2. @antikris Of course we can! I don't want to lose the friendships I've made, I just want a different space to enjoy them in for a while. So far the break is working well for me and I've been discovering aspects of the game I hadn't really tried before, i.e. trying to hook up with a horde mate in a BG to pummel each other and never ending up in the same one so going to play hide and seek with his BE rogue in Stormwind. That was fun :)


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