Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Deme's UI

I wasn't going to blog today because of shitty RL crappy day and thinking I may be in a car driving to the South West tonight. Well I'm not so I'm here and you get treated to a couple of pictures of my UI. You can thanks the folks on Twitter for giving me the idea to list the add-ons with it. Skip right to the end for the full list of all my add ons.

We'll start with a "pretend" raid UI. As you can see, I'm not in a raid, but you get the jist of what it looks like for me.

Starting bottom left - chat box with Prat add on and above that Cellular add on for handling whispers.

Then party and raid frames which have been set up in Xperl. As I don't lead raids any more and I'm not a healer, I don't often have all the groups up for raiding. In 10-man I'll have my group in the party frame and the other in the raid group frame, but for 25-man I regularly just keep my own party up.

Top right is Deme's frame, then left to right is the pet window and pet target. Deme's target would appear to the right of that. But I think that's on later shot.

Then I've got the punks window which is from Carbonite as I'm out in the wilderness I want to know if those damn hordies are sneaking up. Then it's the Carbonite map and then Sexy map.

On the right hand side it's Carbonite quest log window, then Omen and then Recount.

On finally back at the bottom are my toolbars which I use Bartender on and

Here's an "In Action" shot. This was taken on Monday this week, after the mini patch and the WTF/Cache bug so all my add ons were screwy, hence the misplaced target box. Target's target is always more central for me, so I know who that mob is hitting!

This shows MikScrollingBattleText in action too though at this point "pet" is doing the damage because I'm too busy trying to take a shot.

This next one is an actual "in raid" shot, but out of combat. Recount doesn't normally sit there and I'd disabled Sexy Map here for some reason.

And finally, the uber clean, fly round and see the world UI. This UI was heavily influenced by this dude, Metzerott, who created the prettiest UI I've ever seen. I downloaded his UI bits and then dropped out what I couldn't handle or didn't like and tweeked the other bits. The picture is an homage to his own shown on Basically, even when raiding, I have as much as possible set to fade out, auto-hide or just plain disappear if I don't need it.

Full listing of ALL the Add ons I use:

Xperl Raid Frames
Prat chat add on
Cellular chat add on
Titan bar (set to transparent and auto-hide)
Sexy Map
Butsu - looting add on
Cursor - shiny pretty cursor thingie


Helpful stuff I like

Ackis Recipe List

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