Tuesday, 16 March 2010

It's CPS not DPS that makes a guild.

Deme has a new home! Hoorah and oh the relief. After close to three weeks in the wilderness, I finally took the plunge and placed my little DK in a new guild. I'd looked at 4 in total, including my previous home, but in the end things weren't going to be the same there as they had been so I realised it was time to move on.

One of the things that convinced me to move was the steady stream of whispers I received from those still in my old guild, stating that the guild chat was very quiet now I'd gone and that they missed my CPS. CPS means Chat Per Second.

In your guild there is bound to be someone, maybe a few people, who spam guild chat with random silliness. Those are your CPS people. I hadn't realised until I left the guild how many people actually read it or thought I was being funny, to my mind I was just typing crap and having a giggle or rant when something happened, either in game or in RL. These guildies whispered me and said how quiet it was, that they missed reading my little pieces of spam. These guildies weren't just made up of the others who'd spammed with me, but also of some quieter members who I'd just assumed weren't interested in what I was saying. Turns out it wasn't the case, they were quietly smiling or chortling along in their own space. Not everyone feels compelled to type 'lol'. That CPS I was churning out though, that was giving that green text flavour, humour and heart.

So if you have someone in your guild who spams the chatter box, it's just possible that their bringing more to the table than green text, consider what it might be like without those little punctuation points to your WoW experience. And then tell them you like reading it. Afterall, when their gone, who'll fill the silence?

Deme, Queen of CPS

*A big thank you to Moreaulf for creating the acronym CPS and to all my ex-guildies for the fun and laughs. Just because I'm not 'there' doesn't mean I'm not 'here'. x

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  1. <3 I'm a CPS queen too. Hope the new home suits you well!


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