Wednesday, 17 March 2010

DK Tanking - Initial Thoughts

About a month ago (may be longer) I promised 2 friends on Twitter that I would do a post on DK tanking. It's been a while but I've started to make some progress.

You have to remember that I'm a tank noob. No, really, even though I played a warrior prior to Deme, I'm a tanking noob. Yes I feel your burning hate and I hang my head in shame.

Deme has 2 pieces of T9 tank gear now, to complement the mis-match of heroic, emblem and pieces of off-spec gear from raids where no one else wanted it, but I'm still working on the gems and enchants, as I mentioned somewhere else on the internetz. Her def rating has finally broken the 500 barrier though and is up to a whopping 512. Still some way to go, but when you have a healer to run with you who gives you 'god mode' I've got a bit of leeway. It also helps when they are sitting in the same room as you.

Last night I ran a couple of normal dungeons just to try out my tanking skills after a hiatus and I've got to say it's kinda fun so I'm hopng to have a bash at an 'easier' Heroic this weekend and see how I get on. Then I suppose it's off to farm for more emblems for more gear. Once I've got a better handle on it all, I'll post up some kind of advice/gear/stats rammel for those who want a guide. It's fair to say thought that so far I'm finding DK tanking fun, full of aggro and a fresh challenge to boot.

Deme the Dodger


  1. YAY MORE TANKS! You have the rune that makes up for the low defense tho, right? Every time you use some skill, your defense goes higher? Or some item. I actually have a dk sitting on some server somewhere. Maybe I'll remake her on SAN and get her out of the starting zone..

  2. *hangs head* I have no idea at all if I have that rune/skill. I have a LONG way to go to be up to speed on tanking as a DK. I'll be posting all my progress up on here though in the hope that someone else doesn't have to make the mistakes I inevitably will.

    Thanks for the comments :)


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