Thursday, 25 August 2011

A New Project

Apart from the obvious changes in my life lately, I've taken on another new project.

Meet Deminii. 

Currently a level 10 Night Elf Rogue. As my play time for Warcraft is limited now, I decided that rolling one of the FTP accounts would allow me to play on a super casual level and still visit the virtual world I've grown rather fond of. The limitations of the FTP accounts are well known, but just to recap in case you've not been paying attention -

  • Level limit of 20
  • Max level on profession of 100
  • No ability to use the AH
  • No mail box access
  • No Heirlooms
  • Can not join a guild
  • Can not create a party (but can join one)
  • Can not join trade chat 
  • Can not /yell
  • Can not whisper anyone unless they have already added you to their friend list
  • RealID is disabled (there's a quirk in this which I'll come onto later). 
Editted - found a few other things I can't do!

  • Group with anyone over level 20
  • Trade player to player

My original plan with Deminii was to level to 10, turn off XP and go into PvP. However, given the above, without the option to get any gear except from questing, I'd be annihilated within seconds. This doesn't mean I won't be PvP-ing though, but the overall aim is now going to be somewhat different.

Deminii will stay locked at level 10. And I shall take her across Azeroth to see how many achievements I can get on her. There's the obvious ones that would be fun such as Exploration, and 50 Quests seems easily achievable, possibly even 100. The Daily quests, thanks to the fishing and cooking dailies should be quick to gain too. Then you get into the ones which might be a bit trickier -

Then there's things like getting the rep for the home cities and becoming an Ambassador, hey Cyn did at level 19 ... MAYBE there's a way to do it at level 10. I suspect a long PvP grind would be involved. Cyn's posts up on Green Tinted Goggles about twinks for trial accounts and rogue twinks may well come in handy. I've yet to figure out if I can do anything with honour/points/rep but I think there must be a way. Any tips welcome!

The quirk in RealID I mentioned by the way, once your FTP account is linked to your main account via Battle.Net, your buddies on RealID will be able to see you log in and they will try to send you messages on RealID but you won't get them. So just make sure they all add that little FTP char to their friends list! 

Now, I ask you dear reader, what achievements would you like to see a level 10 rogue in white/grey gear (and 1 green! woo!)  attempt? At this point I will consider everything and investigate it. This isn't going to be a quick project, my play time is seriously curbed (which isn't a bad thing) and I thought this would be a great way of keeping me interested when there are so many limitations on this type of account. I've already had offers of help from my old guild buddies, let's just see how much we can do! The aim is to play within the limitations of the account and see just how many achievements we can get and just to make it more fun, we'll do it at level 10 rather than level 20.

Edit - The first task on the list is to grind out 10g to pay for turning off the XP. That is going to be a LOT of leather for the little skinner. I will continue to quest in Teldrassil and keep an eye on the bar, too close to level 11 and I'll have to stop and re-think how to get the 10g! 


  1. Already had someone point out I need 10g to turn off XP at level 10. Well that's my first goal!

  2. Can I trade you some gold if we meet up in person? It didn't seem to work when I sent gold to your original Demini. Also if I'm around I'm happy to take you for a ride around in my chopper to some of the more dangerous places for a lvl 10 to go :)

  3. I like the idea of open-ended trial accounts, but there is a possibility that additional limitations are imposed on those accounts. It seems there is a possibility that higher level characters cannot see /say emotes from trial account members (unless they are listed as "Friends")

  4. @Candlewaxx - no can do! Another limited is that you can't trade player-to-player. So my first grind is for the 10g!

    @About Rongar - You can /say, but you can't whisper someone unless you are already on their friends listing.

    Another one I hadn't paid attention to is that you can't group with anyone over level 20 ... Good bye boosts in dungeons!

  5. Just come back dudeo. :P If you can't raid, it would be nice to just have you on. Andy wants you ooooooooooooon tooooooooo I'm sure! XD *Strops*

  6. :) We need to go for drinks in Nottingham.

  7. @Shadows - You and the Dutch Man can do the drinking, I'll have to watch ;-P

  8. Good group of lvl 20's can easily boost 1 tiny 10 trough some easier instances ;) I have lvl7 mage if I'm right..
    They just are giving damn much xp. But has to remember you get your hands to real money in there, just have to good bags ready.

    Good luck Deme, intresting project you have there ;)

  9. Taye, signing in...

    Ahh this is lovely, tbh, im glad I have stumbled upon this...makes me feel even closer to you Deme :D

    I want to help you on this Deme but I want to add you on Real ID and friend first so we can discuss :)

    Also, count me in for drinks in Nottingham because you know, 3's a crowd! ^^

    Taye x


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