Thursday, 24 January 2013

On Learning Lessons

I firmly believe that in every struggle or confrontation in life, there is a lesson to be learnt. Further to that, I believe that every lesson will keep repeating itself to you until you learn from it. I believe this to be true in every aspect of life, from work, personal, emotional, fiscal, whatever area you find you want to push away or you find confronts you, I bet there's a lesson for you. Until you learn the lesson that you need, to grow and move on, you will keep coming up against the same problem. 

Much like raiding in Warcraft. Every time you meet a boss, you are presented with exactly the same situation. The boss will do X ability resulting in Y effect and the raid responds with Z action. The boss will keep presenting you with this problem, this tactic, until you learn from it and either get so uber with action Z that you zerg the boss or you switch to action T or Q and beat him to a bloody pulp another way. Either way, you learn to beat the boss and you move on to the next one, the next puzzle, problem or challenge. 

I've seen this coming back to me more in Mists than I did in Cataclysm. There are some reasons for this, firstly I didn't raid very much in Cata and ran not one heroic dungeon when it was current. I'm not even sure I've run any bar 1 Zulroic. Stepping back into dungeons and raids for Mists has been interesting. I look at fights and think "oh! it's like X boss so we need to play hokey-cokey with him" or I might be killing a mob out in the world and think "ooh! he moves like that boss in X dungeon, I understand how to beat him quicker next time now" and so on. I finally have a bit of confidence to step into LFR and enjoy it without feeling completely like a noob and heroics are F U N for the first time in a LONG time. 

If you find yourself struggling, getting upset or cross, take a deep breath and try and look at it from another angle. Where is the lesson? How can I solve this puzzle/defeat this boss/stop spending too much money? What can I do differently to stop it happening again? As they say, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Look for the lesson and it'll probably come and smack you on the back of the head when you find it. 

Suffer well. 

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