Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Goals. Not resolutions.

Having read Elsen and Grokknar’s recent blogs about goals in WoW, I thought it might be an idea to write up my own. I’ve never done them before but I think this year I will need them simply because there is so much going on now that I’d like to know I’ve achieved a few things!

I have a fleet of alts and heaps that if I had no end of time I’d do, like have them all at level cap, with maxed out professions and Deme raiding the current tier with acceptable levels of progress and gearing and running for achievements again, hell even looking at maxing reputations and chasing the Exalted title would be fun but that’s not feasible so I going to look at something a bit less time consuming.

  1. Keep Deme raiding once a week, not in LFR but in the tier just behind the current one with the Epicness that is the Mummy Raiders.  Max out all the cooking. That’s the only profession I’ve become a wee-bit OCD about. I really want all those bars full. After that I’ll work on reputations I suppose.
  2. Get Apollina the priest and Heranoth the warrior to level 90 and level all their professions to cap. Apollina isn’t too bad on the tailoring front, 409/600 but enchanting is woeful at 217/600 and as for Heranoth’s mining and blacksmithing, it’s laughable at 206/600 and 154/600 respectively. I’d like to have these professions around to help out Demeternoth really and I may well rethink mining for JC since Darklive has mining and blacksmithing and I can ‘borrow’ that when needed.
  3. Level the monk – to what level, I don’t know but I think I should aim to get him to 25. Oh and he’s probably going horde because in my head I’ve already given him a back story. Considering that I have Demwise the warlock at 43, and 3 other alts in the 20s this seems fairly reasonable. You might not think this is a challenge, but given my time limits I think it is just fine for me.

And this little bit spreading hte pixel love has happened almost entirely by accident .... Whilst staying with relatives recently I introduced my 9 year old cousin to Warcraft. *evil grin* I don’t think his mum will ever forgive me. I’ve also introduced my somewhat-older cousin who has been given a guest pass and I’m hoping to see him online very soon. 

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