Monday, 8 October 2012

Lunch Topic - Why are DKs so hated?

Based on today's Breakfast Topic on Wow Insider, the class most people would like to see removed from Warcraft is the Death Knight.

As Demeternoth is my main and a death knight, I'm intrigued (and a little bit peed off) as to why this is the case. What do you think? Is it that the class allegedly attracts the biggest douchebags in the game? Is it that currently in Mists as a blood tank you can be top of ALL the meters? Is any of it really important?

In the past I've tried to help improve the image of DKs and I continue to do all I can to be the best I can be on my DK. That means learning the class and playing with the changes and not being a dick. In fact I go out of my way in dungeon groups to be the chatty cathy, to make jokes, to thank people for healing, rezzing, cc-ing and so on and to apologise when I cause a problem or miss something I should have picked up.

The comments on that thread make me feel like I'm swimming against the tide and might as well give up and drown. Are there other DKs out there who feel like this? Is there a "pro-DK" movement we can capitalise on to change the over-ridding view of us being dickheads?!

I'd be thrilled to know what any of you think about all of this!


  1. I rather suspect that the DK hate is left over from WOTLK. Where everyone rolled them and they were played by people with no idea what they are doing. I have to say recently it has been much less of an issue.

    I wonder if the same feeling will be had with monks soon.

  2. My main is a death knight as well and I find this a wee bit annoying because any time I solo anything at all or accomplish anything, it seems I'm often told in reply, "Well you're a dk." or "DKs are OP".

    I'm always polite in groups and such, always try to say hello and be polite but even so, I still occasionally get that healer or dps sighing, "Oh crap, a dk tank" [drop group] though that was much more common in Wrath and the beginning of Cataclysm.

    If DKs are SO overpowered and SO easy, why do we see so many people fail at being able to play them? I would suppose it's like a hunter... being OK at them is easy, excelling is another thing entirely. I say that having a hunter and being mediocre at playing that toon.


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