Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Mists of Pandaria - First Impressions

EDIT - now with pictures!

Quick and dirty post on first impressions of the new Warcraft Ex-pac.

After getting there myself last night I can say the following

Sky Admiral Rogers is my new girl crush
The view from the WindSpire over the Temple of the Jade Serpent is AMAZEBALLS (will pop up pictures tonight if I have time)

I didn't do many quests. Darklive and I had planned to level together but he needs to move quicker than my "read all the text, talk to everyone" approach will allow. Hence he carried on questing and I just decided to wander around and see what I could in the time I had available last night.

I am completely blown away by the aesthetic. I have always like the oriental style, architecture and so on. The sweeping bridges, the textures, the details are all incredible. I want to gather Deme a pretty new dungeon set of gear JUST for the way it will look. I got a new mace last night and the colouring and pattern are gorgeous.


As for the quests I did, a whole lot of horde bashing which felt great. Sky Admiral Rogers speech was fantastic and I loved the interaction in the gyrocopter through a supposed headset. I saw some of the other quests which Darklive was doing and he was giggling away which must mean they are a lot of fun.

Having seen the outside of the Temple of the Jade Serpent I really am looking forward to running the dungeon, if only to see it. I hate running dungeons so this is a big plus. I've not looked at the pet battles yet but I think they look fun too. Wrath had always been my favourite expac, or course I've only seen that and Cata. Cata just didn't feel as engaging for me. Of course that could be down to the timing and what was happening for me IRL, but still. This just feels, well, engaging, entertaining, fun and exciting. HOORAH! Well done Blizz!

TL:DR - Basically, lots of pretty, like so much I was breathless, some good questing from what I can tell, and a lot to keep me going in the future!

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