Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Lunch Topic - What if ....

One day the AOL Seed programme will work in the UK and I'll be able to submit something for the WoW Insider Breakfast Topic. In the meantime, this is your very own lunch time topic.

What if you hadn't rolled your main character on your current server, do you think you would have made friendships/found similar people/guilds on another server? I sometimes wonder if, in a parallel universe type way, I would find people similar to all those I now know on my home server, on another server. Would they be the same personality types? Would there be a person who works/thinks like our GM, or like the officers, or like my friends in my raid team? Would we spot the person who gets lost ALL the effing time?! The person who spams up /g with random chat, would there be the same characters in another guild??

Would your WoW journey have been different? I know I would not have continued to play had I not made friends and found my guild. If I'd rolled on a PvP server and been consistently ganked in Stranglethorn Vale I probably would have /ragequit and never come back. What if I'd rolled on an RP server and discovered that side of the game? How would that have affected my gameplay? My blogging? Would I have begun a blog at all?!

The power of What If makes my head hurt. The great thing is I can still experience all of the things mentioned above and still stay on my server, play with my friends and play the game I've grown into and enjoy so much.

How has your game been shaped by the server you've rolled on and the characters and players you have met there?


  1. Well as you know when i hit lvl 10 on my preist here i made a guild, if it werent for terokkar i imagine i wouldnt have.

    if i didnt. i wouldnt have met aly and pj, the epic duo who (like a married couple) pretty much runs the guild nowadays.

    but more importantly than that, my rl friend bvannas (aka that mage [emphasis on the a cause deme says it wrong]) moved to terokkar to play with me some couple of year ago. which led to us being as close as we are.

    and i wouldnt be so well known on any other realm ;p

  2. So how the hell do you pronounce that silly name??


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