Thursday, 6 January 2011

Insomniac Rant. What defines a 'good' realm or player?

Feeling infuriated. What defines a 'good' realm? Most ranking websites would have you believe it's how progressed the realm is in raiding. Thus a 'good' realm must raid. The further implication is that to be a good player you should be a good raider. Are you telling me that the player who has levelled many classes/specs to level cap and thus has knowledge of those classes is not a good player? Are you telling me that the player who hunts down obscure achievements on their own and knows the location/method to get them isn't a good player? Or the player who raided end game at top level and is now casual becomes less good because they aren't raiding? Orcballs to you then, Sir.

My home realm, Terokkar EU has languished at the bottom of the progression tables for a longtime. It has suffered through Wrath as a new realm which consequently was loaded up with noobs, myself included. However, overall the community on Terokkar is a great place. I'd say it's no worse than any other server and I do have alts elsewhere. It's fun and friendly and there's a great interaction between guilds and factions even. To turn up on the realm forum and slate the entire population of the realm in a profoundly offensive and bigoted fashion is most ungracious. I take umbrage on behalf of those who don't speak up and frankly on a personal level too. Your definition of good can fuck off. As can you.

So dear internet, what qualifies a 'good' player and/or realm for you?


  1. Insomniac? at 23:40?

    Bah, not till you written a post at 03:40 can you claim the post title 'Insomniac' :P

    I'm very happy with the backwards ass realm of Terokkar. I know I'm not all that good, I certainly wouldn't qualify as hardcore, so in my eyes there could be nothing more pressurising then being on a realm where most of the people are on hardmodes already.

  2. I think the realm that feels like home - for whatever reason - is the realm that qualifies as a "good" realm for me. I mean maybe it's different if you're all progression and achievement focused but I'd much rather be somewhere I felt comfortable, and trade chat doesn't make me think humanity should never have climbed down from the trees :)

  3. Personally I like that while we may be behind there really isn't much difference in all the guilds on Terokkar. It only takes a good raid week for one to catch up and overtake.

    Also in general trade isn't too bad. There have actually being some useful conversations on there (ok so not trade but still). A few months ago there was even a high level druid discussion. On trade!

  4. @Grokk - I actually typed it then but posted it this morning so that's even worse.

    @Tam Hey Tam! Thanks for commenting. And you are quite right, the realm that feels like home makes it good. Terokkar maybe backward but it is home.

    @Wood - SS of that high level drood chat ... or it didn't happen.


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