Sunday, 5 September 2010

A New Beginning!

A wee while back I posted something personal and off topic. I've now got another space to post up all the random emo shit that plagues me through my current turmoil. You can find it here if you want to. Otherwise stick around on this one and I should be back to posting on a more regular basis this week. COME ON BROADBAND!!

The final new beginning isn't really a beginning. More of a return home as myself and the majority of the raid team I'm in, left our guild and went to join the original crew we used to be guilded with for a bigger, brighter future in Cataclysm. Hi honey! I'm home!


  1. I don't like to call it Emo. It's Life. The Ups and Downs of it.

    Let me put it this way, if it wasn't for the bad, how can we tell when it is good?

    Anywho Welcome to the Chaotic Family.

  2. You are quite right Rivs, humble apologies :)


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