Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Blogging and Comments - Blog Azeroth Shared Topic.

Eeeek! Too many ideas in my head so need to get them down fast. Just had a quick glance over at Psynister's Notebook but didn't want to read the full blog until I'd posted my own thoughts on the latest Blog Azeroth Shared Topic - Would having no comments make you a better blogger? - because I want to give my own opinion without any outside influence.

I L O V E getting comments. First of all, it let's me know someone has actually read the damn thing, and more often than not I get the chance to delve a little deeper than I might have had room for in the blog or they present an angle I had not thought of which sheds new light on a topic.

Most of all, I just like talking about something I love, which is why I started a blog, I'm a spurious CPS Queen and hope that through all the rambling and shite I spew out some one somewhere finds it funny and/or helpful. Comments are a great way to let me know that.

Would having no comments make me a better blogger? Personally, for me, I doubt it. I've learnt most from reading other blogs and seeing how they set themselves up, from reading the opening gambits on Blog Azeroth (THANK YOU!) and the rest is just luck and moxi. I know through Google Analytics that my blog is read so even though people don't leave comments, I know there's a few people actually reading who aren't the google bots.

I believe I've grown as a blogger and whilst I try to cover the topics that I think are relevant, I write what I want to write and I write for me. I love comments, but I'm not (thank god) dependant upon them, if someone else happens to like what I've tippitty tapped onto a screen, it's a Brucey Bonus. If more than one person likes it, hell I'm like a pig in poo.


  1.'re saying the more people like you the more you need to take a bath? ;)

    I suck as a commenter since I usually read blogs during work and get sidetracked before I finish reading or before I can reply and then need to just ditch the browser to focus on things.

    I'll see if I can get my commenting juices flowing a bit better for you so you have some poo to roll around in. :P

  2. It's funny, after your twitter comment and reviewing this post, I'm wondering if I should change blog platform to make commenting easier ...

  3. You know i read your blog Deme and thats all that matters.

    Your adoring fan
    Iosef :D

  4. Iosef please refer to yourself under your correct moniker of Carrionlord. I don't deal with Pink Pallies in these parts. ;o)

  5. Please forgive me Oh most Unholy and Magnificent one.



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