Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Unite! For The Horde! For The Alliance!

Inspired by a conversation involving lovely Mortigan, and his blog post here, Deme has been wondering what would happen if the bosses did indeed attack Dalaran.

As an Alliance Death Knight, Deme is in an unusual position in that she maintains friendships with the Horde too. Due to this, she is very keen on the idea of X faction chat, and a big boss fight in Dalaran would surely be the ideal time to instigate something so awesome! Imagine all those orcs, trolls, gnomes and night elves fighting side by side to rid Dalaran of a greater evil and talking about tactics and so on whilst doing it. With Icecrown just round the corner, there will be a few more key players in Northrend soon and from a lore perspective it could see the Windrunner sisters re-united. Sylvanas and Vereesa fighting side by side to protect Dalaran from a big bad worse than The Lich King - side note - Deme can't talk about Arthas too much because she held a flame for him and doesn't understand why he got together with that dumb blonde.

Of course, you could also cast this X faction chat and united battle front onto the possibility of a world event for the arrival of Cataclysm and Deathwing swooping to smack down Alexstraza and the other dragon flights whilst the horde and alliance defend Dalaran against his new breed of dragon.

Deme thinks all these possibilities are wonderful. Hurry up Blizzard!

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