Thursday, 26 November 2009

The Importance of Purpose

I've been thinking. I didn't really start this blog out with a proper purpose, I figured it would be a kind of funny (I hope) and interesting wander through Death Knight experiences in Azeroth. I'd read a few posts over on about why people do or don't play death knights, talking about the starting area and how the lore works and it got me thinking about what I thought about being a DK. Which led to me starting this blog.

My overall experiences in WoW are not dependant upon Deme being a DK though, I'm also a raid leader and a guild councillor in my guild which infers I get a lot of access to experiences that not everyone else does. Like downing Anub Arak in ToC without having done any of the other bosses.

Now I've had these thoughts, this blog will be a place to get hints, tips and advice on wow and read someone else's experiences of wow as a death knight.

Onto the next post then ...

These posts talking about the starting area got me thinking about how many of the characters that appear in the starting zone, I've now met again and either killed off or run errands for. How many stories and characters had I missed out on? What was their impact on Deme in the early quests? Combine these thoughts with the persistent disconnects and log in problems that seem to be rife across realms at the moment and last night I rolled a second DK, a troll (heavens!) on an different realm. She dinged to 57 last night and I'm loving the starting zones and repeatedly asking Noth where Heigan is. Stay tuned.

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