Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Over my 'dead' body - Or How Blizzard got my interest in Mists of Pandaria

Until lunch time yesterday I was pretty much "meh" about the whole Mists of Pandaria expansion. Pandas are fun but it was a bit of a stretch for me to see them in Azeroth.


Then I read about Theramore. I play mainly Alliance, of my 17 characters, 3 are horde. My over-riding feeling of Deme's past has been that she fought and fell against Arthas when he rampaged through Lordaeron. The details have always been hazy, she certainly isn't old enough to have been at Stratholme in the early days of the zombie plague. It's more likely that she was a militia woman or town guard at a small village, a place smaller than Andorhal so it's not even on the map any more. Anyway, with that in mind it's pretty feasible that she has a sentimental attachment to Theramore, one of the last out-posts of Lordaeron's escaped refugees. So this feels rather more personal to her than anything the horde have done before. Lordaeron was her nation and it fell. She moved on. In 'undeath' as a Death Knight she heard of Gilneas's fall to the Forsaken and the butchering of alliance home-steaders at Southshore. She continued to fight but didn't let these losses dampen her spirit or break her faith in the Alliance.

Theramore, is a different story altogether. A potential threat to Theramore  gets her back up. To be told that even with one of the most powerful mages in Azeroth in their way, the horde will be riding into this city and flattening it, well it stings a bit. Yeah, it stings like a 1000 bee stings in your crotch.

It's not often that I am lost for words, in fact I don't recall the last time it happened. But the abject fury and rage I feel today, and thus so does my main character, Deme, has kind of shocked me. It's not even that great of a questing area!

I can forget about the pandas and the pokemon. I can get over what will be the umpteenth talent reset for Deme. I can even ignore the fact that as yet, there isn't even a 'little-bad' announced for the expansion, but I can not forgive the horde for obliterating Theramore.

I've heard that in the lead up to MoP it will probably 'just happen'. No in-game action, no chance to defend the city. I realise we will lose. I realise the outcome is already planned. Please though, I ask you oh Great God of Pixels, allow us the opportunity to defend Theramore. Allow us to see the battle, to take part and to be be beaten back. Wow Insider asked sometime ago, what would happen if we lost for once? Allow us (even if it is just the alliance faction) to see and to feel what that would be like.

Allow us to see a Jaina furious and embittered and taking action. Since one lowly Death Knight can be left broken and battered by the loss of Theramore, what would it do to the woman who created it? Who built the city and who remains a key linch-pin in Kalimdor's Alliance presence?

Suddenly I am all-a-flutter with excitement to know what will happen! How will we retaliate? Where will we strike? What will Variann do? Hell! What will Anduin do when Aunt Jaina portals into Stormwind with battered and broken citizens of Theramore? What will Baine think? The money says Garrosh begins the war, what prompts him to lead an attack on Jaina's city? Is he that keen to distant himself from Thrall's reign?

Whilst I am sad and yes, a little pissed off, the effect this news has had on me  and on other Alliance players, definitely shows that Blizzard know what they are up to. Bravo, Blizzard, Bravo.


  1. yes deme we need to see the battle like in the angrathar the wrathgate quest or do some thing leading up to it, have pre MoP quest,s there.

    ps i,m with you on this mad as hell.


  2. I too was initially very wary of MoP, I still think Pandas should be NPCs and I'd prefer more content over another class (and as a monk class I'd prefer something out of D3 rather than another druid type hybrid without shapeshifting). The talent changes, although I see why they're doing it, just seem unnecessary to me and too dumbed down.

    But oh god the pretty environments, the awesome architecture, the PvE Battle scenarios, the prospect that, with Theramore being burnt to the ground, there may actually be full on war between the factions - all of that stuff has got me hooked and waiting to see where else the wonderful story of WoW takes us.

  3. I still say Varian will have foreknowledge of the attack somehow and intentionally withhold the information from Jaina because much like Garrosh he wants this war to escalate finally. And he can lie to an ally in order to get her to back his jingoism, so much the better for him.

    I'm sure Garrosh will do the same...Vol'jin better watch his back!

  4. @Carnac You and me versus the world hon!

    @Runzwithfire - I think you've summed up my feelings on MoP pretty well too :) I love the artwork I've seen and the prospect of all out war with the Horde. Bring. It. On.

    @Cygnia - I hadn't even thought about Variann knowing about the attack, now that is a great twist. Time to ponder!


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