Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Winter Veil and 1 Year On

Christmas is finally upon us! Last night I had the pleasure of saving Metzen and chasing down a certain snowman with 1/2 my raid group after we'd had a quick excursion into VoA. We're 2/4 in there on our first attempt having had WG start up whilst we were at Koralon. It was a much needed break from Naxxramus which I think we may well drop over the festive season and bash in a few heads elsewhere.

This is also the time of year for reflection and to think back on those achievements. For my World of Warcraft journey, I will reach my first anniversary on 3rd January and it seems a good time to think back over what I've been through in my time in Azeroth so far.

The single biggest thing that has made Azeroth such a great place to be has been joining the guild I am now in. A large, social/raiding guild (yes they do exist!), I've learnt so much about this game that I would never have learnt in my first guild. From not understanding group mechanics, to leading a raid team and being a member of the guild council, I wouldn't have enjoyed it so much without the people in the guild and I certainly wouldn't have got this far. So to all of you in The Monkey Tree, /salute. Thank you.

The second thing that has changed my outer world if you like, has been meeting more like-minded people from across the globe who blog and chat about their adventures in Azeroth, from the RP-ers, to the PvP-ers and the guy who xrealmed to join TMT after joining us for our birthday party. From the likes of you have grown this little green blog. I thank you too.

I'm off now to eat mince pies, venture into new territory, and take one step close to that pretty violet proto drake. On Dasher! On Dancer!

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year From Deme x


  1. WoW has been a revelation for me...and a time consuming one at that. I joined the game 2 weeks before Deme, it was a birthday present from myself to keep me occupied during those lazy days from Christmas drinks to New Years eve's drinks...did I say drinks? I meant Days!!

    I first met Deme on a raid, which she joined, even though she wasn't a guildie. Now, I must admit, since she joined the Tree it has been much more enjoyable! There is someone there who Spams GC as much as me!

    For those who don't know our guild, I was invited to join the Monkey Tree by one of it's senior members after he helped me in Stockades. I liked his attitude and it is generally the attitide of the whole Monkey Tree. Being in the Tree is like being in a family, sometimes they bloody well annoy the buggery out of you, but ultimately you can sit down in an Inn and drink a bottle of Pinot Noir and have a good time. You still love em!

    I must admit I am not as hardcore as some. I have 4 kids and a wife who works shifts and I often work away so can miss some events. But I do enjoy the game (.....why is it some people forget it's a game?) and am nowhere as "up" on WoW chat as Deme and others....My most common phrase spoken since I have hit 80th is "Say what to who now?" Basically "I don't understand what you are saying". "I'm only geared to 1340 and it's a 1500 dungeon" someone said to me last night....What? WTF does that mean? It's a dungeon lets go in and hit things till they are dead!!! Jeez! Never say never, just do!

    You know what? Both him and me kicked ass (though he wiped twice and me once) if it's easy it's not so much fun right? Anyway, I don't know what my gear score is, I don't have an addon!!

    Like Deme I wouldn't enjoy the game so much without my guild, though I do have a character on another server so I can "Get away from it all".

    Any way, I'll see you all in Azeroth! I wish you all a Happy Xmas and a Merry New Year and as we say "For The Monkey Tree!" FTMT!


  2. The game definately is better if you have a great group of friends to play with. I also love talking to people all day long on twitter, its a blast being part of the community.


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