Wednesday, 1 January 2020

Death Knights on the Dawn of Patch 8.3

Bolvar is back! As of January 14th 2020 and assuming you have the Shadowlands expansion pre-ordered, any race can be a Death Knight and we get a new starting zone! Not to mention when we get into the expansion itself, there's a whole zone that supplies the power we draw on, Maldraxxus, the home of the Necrolords. 

Keeping that in mind, it seems like a great time to revisit the current Death Knight starting zone, with all the lore that that entails. Over the next few weeks I'll be taking a stroll through the DK starting zone as it currently is and speculating on what might change in the new starting zone, explaining who Bolvar is - because his story is epic and he's been freezing his butt off for almost 10 years and, all being well, going through the Arthas- Lich King quests in Northrend so that we can see just how powerful a presence he was in Wrath of the Lich King. 

There will be speculation about how much of Bolvar we will see in Shadowlands, will he turn up in Maldraxxus? Who will?! How will Maldraxxus shape the story of the Death Knights going forward? Will it be different in flavour for DKs who were raised by Arthas to those raised by Bolvar? 

I have many questions! 

I'll be talking about it and playing through the content on the stream and on some VoDs too which I'll add to the blog as they're produced. 

Starting on Wednesday January 1st 2020, I'll be streaming the DK starting zone and picking apart the quests, the language used and questioning everything I see/read/do and if it plays into the future of Death Knights in Azeroth and beyond. 

I'm very excited. 

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