Wednesday, 20 February 2019

This Body

This body is scarred.
From accidents,
from chicken pox,
from child birth.

This body has stretch marks.
From growing into a woman and
from growing a baby inside.

This body has a mum tum
and saddle bags that'll never go.
It has muscle tone and strength
from weight lifting and running.
And inner strength that is hidden like
the abdominals.

This body is 40something.
This body has lived.
And loved.
And given itself wholly to another.
And another.

This body has crinkles as the eyes and
the most badass silver streaks in hair.
Most of all, the badass silver.
The calling card of age and
the blessing of those who have lived long enough
to be kissed by moonlight.

This body is not a super model body
but it is my super body.

1 comment:

  1. You are loved, stretch marks, grey hairs and wrinkles, but also beautiful smile, kind heart, and dirty sense of humour! x


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